Bicton Primary School promotes a respectful, nurturing, and supportive environment.

Absences and Attendance

Bicton Primary School Absence Mobile number: 0447 952 027

If your child/ren are going to be absent from school, please send a text the above number to let us know.  Please ensure you include your child’s name and the reason for being absent.

At Bicton Primary School we believe that by attending school each day students have a much greater likelihood of actively engaging in the curriculum and developing the knowledge and skills they need for future personal and career success.

Our aim at Bicton Primary School is to monitor and record student attendance daily and regularly review attendance data to determine whether a student’s attendance is of concern. We also aim to monitor the reasons for student absence and to work with students, parents and teachers where necessary to improve the attendance of students who are at risk.

Policy Statement

Bicton Primary School monitors and manages student attendance in order to maximise the opportunities of all students to learn.

Attendance Records

Teachers at Bicton Primary School will:

  • keep accurate attendance records for every student enrolled at the school (including attendance at both morning and afternoon sessions for Kindergarten, Pre-primary and Primary students);
  • record whether a student’s absence was authorised or unauthorised;

For more information, view the guideline below: