Bicton Primary School promotes a respectful, nurturing, and supportive environment.

Positive Behaviour Support


We want to maintain a culture in the school where students are actively engaged in the curriculum and are provided with interesting ways to learn; where they feel cared for by school staff and develop a sense of belonging to the school; and where teachers know them well, build on their strengths and encourage them to persist with tasks until they succeed.

To achieve our purpose we:

  • create a safe and happy learning environment
  • foster respect for individual differences
  • are reflective of, and responsible for our own behaviour
  • recognise the rights and responsibilities of all members of the school community
  • co-operate with one another
  • care for one another

Guiding Principles

To implement the whole school plan for positive student behaviour support we:

  • make the best interests of the child a primary consideration;
  • consider the safety and wellbeing of all school staff and all other members of the school community;
  • maintain a positive school approach and the good order of the school;
  • incorporate personalised adjustments based on student need;
  • maintain cohesion of behaviour support for students across contexts and teachers;
  • build consistency in behaviour support in and out of school, through liaison with parent(s) and community;
  • are culturally, developmentally and psychologically appropriate;
  • support the growth of self-regulation and peer regulation and reduce the need for adult intervention;
  • use the least restrictive alternative that will prevent or de-escalate student conduct or emotional states that risk harm to self or others;
  • take into account the agreed behaviour interventions or therapies provided by external practitioners or agencies;
  • respond to the assessment of school behaviour data; and
  • comply with the requirements detailed in the Positive Behaviour website.

School Expectations

Our students have the responsibility to demonstrate communication and co-operative skills that contribute to interpersonal and group interactions by displaying appropriate:

  • Safety
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Tolerance
  • Self-management
  • Friendship
  • Cooperation

Our staff have the responsibility to:

  • model respectful, courteous and honest behaviour;
  • establish positive relationships with students and parents;
  • ensure good organisation and planning that reflects the needs of the students;
  • encourage and involve parents in the educational process;
  • inform parents of their child’s progress and behaviour;
  • provide individual student behaviour support where the need is identified

Our parents have the responsibility to:

  • ensure that their child attends school;
  • support the school to maintain a positive and productive learning and teaching environment for all students;
  • model respectful, courteous and honest behaviour;
  • ensure that the school is informed of any conditions that may affect their child’s learning;
  • ensure that their child is provided with appropriate materials to make effective use of the learning environment;
  • support the school in managing their child’s behaviour so effective learning can take place for all students