Bicton Primary School is located in the suburb of Bicton east of Fremantle. Bicton Primary was established in 1904 and celebrated its Centennial in 2004. All students at Bicton Primary develop the understandings, skills and attitudes relevant to individual needs, thereby enabling them to fill their potential and contribute to the development of society.



Resilience is a large focus at Bicton Primary School.The following information from Kids Matter is extremely beneficial for understanding how to support your children in this area. More information can be found on the Kids Matter website

Kids Matter Website



Skills and qualities that help children cope with life’s ups and downs

  1. Trust - that the world is safe and that there are caring people to help them.
  2. Belief - in their ability to do things for themselves and achieve their goals
  3. Feeling good - about themselves and feeling valued for who they are by their parents and carers.
  4. Optimism - that things generally turn out well.
  5. Regulation - Ability to manage their feelings, thoughts and behaviours.