Bicton Primary School promotes a respectful, nurturing, and supportive environment.

Early Childhood

Early childhood education is a key focus at Bicton Primary School. We pride ourselves on ensuring our teachers and early learning staff establish positive, vibrant and challenging intellectual, social and emotional and physical environments for students to engage with. Their learning environments create a sense of wonder, curiosity, risk taking and are safe and inclusive. Relationships and partnerships are crucial for all stakeholders in early childhood and they involve children, families, communities, educators and other professionals and organisations working collaboratively to provide optimal learning opportunities.

We ensure a balanced curriculum in early childhood which includes structured play-based learning as well as explicit teaching. Quality interactions and thoughtful implementation of developmentally appropriate experiences assist children in attaining knowledge, skills, attitudes and attributes that build a solid foundation for future learning. Our focus is on the ‘whole child’ and students’ academic, social and emotional and physical development. Our educators implement the Early Years Learning Framework, Western Australian Curriculum and Kindergarten Guidelines and have a key focus on making sure our early learners are challenged, safe, healthy, supported and engaged. Our educators plan a variety of multi-modal, strategy based learning experiences to engage children and foster participation. Children are often seen in play, small group and whole group interactions that involve explicit teaching, inquiry, real life experiences, transitions and routines. Our early year’s curriculum aims to develop active learners that question, inquire and engage in the world around them. We support children to increase their independence and resilience as they continue to develop.

Your child’s interests and curiosities are maximised through knowledgeable planning and assessment developed by our early years educators. Our staff expand these interests with rich ideas and new learning opportunities. We understand that engaging learners, arousing their curiosity and responding to their capabilities makes children more likely to be motivated, curious and enjoy the learning process.