Bicton Primary School promotes a respectful, nurturing, and supportive environment.

Student Support and Pastoral Care

In addition to improving students’ academic performance, research shows that supportive schools, which have learning environments that focus on caring student-teacher relationships, social and emotional needs and high expectations, build students that are resilient, well-grounded and have significantly lower rates of emotional distress. Central to supportive schools are teachers, leaders and caring adults that take a personal interest in the success of all students. At Bicton Primary School we continue to build a culture of inclusion, acceptance and support. Student well-being is at the forefront of our teaching and learning program and is a top priority for all year levels.

Supporting Students at Educational Risk

At Bicton we have a three tiered approach to supporting students at academic risk that is continually developing to meet the needs of individual students. Tier 1 is centred on quality evidence based teaching strategies for the whole class. Tier 2 is centred on evidence based intervention and ‘catch up’ opportunities for students which gives additional support and intervention. Tier 3 involves targeted intervention for individual children and groups of children requiring intensive support. This kind of support is essential for supporting students at different levels and meeting the needs of individuals. We provide targeted before and after school reading support for identified students through our PLD Support Program. Our focus for the future is to continue to build our collective knowledge in the area of differentiation and targeted support to give our students the best learning opportunities possible as well as investigate options for support in other learning areas.