Bicton Primary School promotes a respectful, nurturing, and supportive environment.

Distributed Leadership Model

At Bicton we have a distributed leadership model that was designed to support the collaboration and learning of our students. “There is no substitute for a well-designed school leadership model – one that distributes end-to end responsibility for improving teaching and learning” (Brain, 2018).

Our model incorporates Team Leaders (who are supported to lead their teams in collaborative planning, reflection, assessment, monitoring, differentiation and best practice in teaching), Curriculum Leaders (who are supported lead the operational planning of our curriculum areas, oversee and monitor whole school programs and strategies and strategically resource) and Specialist Project or Initiative Leaders (who focus on specialist areas requiring leadership and innovation).

The focus of distributing leadership at Bicton is to develop our vibrant learning community where our collaboration and combined skills help students fulfil their potential. Great leadership is an essential ingredient in making a school successful therefore our school looks at a multifaceted approach to this and we build leaders at many levels.

Roles and Responsibilities Snapshots

Administration Team:

  • Provide professional strategic leadership that focuses the school culture on enhancing learning and teaching
  • Develop and use management systems to support and enhance student learning
  • Strengthen communication and relationships with staff and networks to enhance student learning
  • Create a learning environment in which there is an expectation that all students will experience success in learning
  • Coach and mentor the leadership group to develop high level leadership skills

Leadership Team:

Team Leaders:

  • Coach and mentor staff members in planning, assessment, goal setting, personal and professional growth, communication, teaching and learning strategies as well as effective team protocols
  • Develop and manage consistent year level planning in all subjects with team
  • Develop common assessment tasks for key curriculum areas
  • Monitor, update and analyse year level data sets
  • Develop a positive team culture
  • Case Management – collecting, analysing and planning for cohort of students

Curriculum Leaders:

  • Systemic innovation in curriculum design
  • Systemic innovation in teaching and learning practices
  • Build networks with other schools
  • Build the capacity of teaching and non-teaching staff within curriculum areas
  • Mentoring and coaching individual teachers and teams
  • Support and implement whole school programs/decisions
  • Contribute to the development of the Annual Report
  • Develop yearly Operational Plans ensure the strategic direction of the school and include strategies to achieve school targets