Bicton Primary School promotes a respectful, nurturing, and supportive environment.

School Board

The School Board is a legally formed body that, in partnership with our principal, is given powers to set and monitor the key directions of our school. It is the major governing body of the school and oversees the school’s performance.  In essence, the role of school board is one of setting the long term future for the school and maintaining oversight (not management) of the school’s operation. It is not about running the school – that is the job of the principal. It is about providing additional expertise to help the school achieve the best outcomes for the students.

The Bicton Primary School Board meets twice each term on Thursday mornings 7:30 – 8:30am (normally Weeks 5 and 9).

Board Members

2023 Board Members: 


  • Alison Forzatti

Board Chair

  • Matt Marinovich

Vice Chair

  • Ben Davis


  • Kara Larsen

Parent Representatives

  • Fiona Bell
  • Simon Mattiaccio
  • Simon Bilston
  • Kate McAuslane
  • James McLaughlin
  • Katharine Ingram-Sheno

Staff Representatives

  • Adele Healy
  • Jess Hughes

P&C Representative

  • Camilla Riley