Bicton Primary School promotes a respectful, nurturing, and supportive environment.


Engaging and Working with the Community

At Bicton we have an active, engaged and vibrant school board that have the best interests of the students, community and school at heart. As a dynamic team we focus on the governance of the school and strategic thinking for our future. Some of the key strategies we will be focusing on moving forward to further engage and build partnerships with our school community are:

Parent Learning Opportunities / School Learning Opportunities

As a school we are focusing on some curriculum innovations particularly in Mathematics, Science and Technologies. As parents are our partners, we will be offering some learning opportunities for our parents to give you the language, tools and strategies to help your children when at home. In addition to this we will be maximising and capitalising on our parent and community knowledge and linking with a scientist and science field parents, through our Science Partnership, to help build our science program to be a distinctive part of our school. We are also focusing on our community knowledge to further support our students and school in other areas.

Community Engagement Programs & Partnership

Other community engagement programs and partnerships include: The Bicton Palmyra RSL, The Bicton Environmental Action Group, Cancer Council, Leukaemia Foundation through World’s Greatest Shave,  Fremantle Rotary Club and Genes for Jeans Day.

We are proud of our school and continuing to build a culture that celebrates our successes is a key practice in developing further success at Bicton Primary School.